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, 15 year boiled will be arraigned on murder charges in the san jose crime spree that included murder, robbery and shootout with police. the district attorney's office charged adonis muldrow as adult yesterday, prosecutors believe muldrow and wilbanks killed a man outside a 7-eleven two weeks ago. the two went on a crime spree that included four armed robberies and a shootout that injured a san jose police officer. >>> uc berkeley building will be opened this morning. several students barricaded themselves 4:00 yesterday afternoon they hung banners from the windows and supporters gathered in the plaza below. protesters released a statement demanding more support for minority programs before they vacated the building. police did not make any arrests. >>> stream of storms headed towards us, live doppler is going to be more important than ever this morning. >> i felt sprinkles driving in around san francisco. >> started getting consistent once i got to san francisco. >>> offshore you can see all the green. we have wind gusts at the coast half moon bay up to 26 miles an hour. winds are ra
of the hour, cristina loren is here in san jose outside the studio, with what happened and what is still to come, good morning, christina. >> hey, good morning to you, marla. we recontrolled roles, if you were on the summit earlier today and now, i'm live in san jose. san jose, you have not even felt the brunt of this storm. that is the case along the peninsula. it looks like the north face has been slammed the hardest. but what i can tell you about these shower, they are definitely steady and we're also getting very steady wind gusts from time to time making it hard to hold on to the umbrella. let's talk about where the showers are currently position and what's to come. right now, the front is primarily draped over the east bay and extends all the way southward to the santa cruz mountainses. i want to talk about some of the substantial wind gusts so far. as you may well know, this is now the windiest point of this storm system. 66 miles per hour, so far, clocked in el diablo la scatis, and 43 miles per hour. it's very unusual for san francisco to get wind gusts at 45 miles per hour and
:00 right now south wind gusts to 39 miles an hour, half moon bay, gusting to 25 in san jose. wind advisory up until 11:00. wind warning along the coast. winds could gust in excess here of 60 miles an hour. we have several hours of this before things improve looking at 50s, mild this morning with 60s in the afternoon, chance of thunderstorm. then it tapers off by the afternoon hours. the morning will be the worst, the next several hours, we are looking at a break tomorrow. by thursday night into friday, another rough commute as our second heavier round of rain comes our way. >>> right now, live shot of the bay bridge toll, things are very light, tail lights headed towards the upper deck metering lights off, no problems heading into san francisco on the incline to the cantilever into the tunnel on the western side of the span. bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit on time. you might want to leave the driving to the professionals when the storm gets underway and take mass transit. san jose almaden expressway, injury accident in the process of clearing out of lanes you may find slowing in tha
-old from san jose will be eligible for the death penalty. it habit yet decided whether to seek putting him on death row. he is due in court tomorrow on a list of charges including murder, robbery and attempted murder of a police officer. he and a 26-year-old man robbed four businesses earlier this month and shot a campbell man as they were trying to car jack him. they shot and wounded a san jose police officer. the man who fired the shot is still at large. luckily the officer wasn't hurt and doesn't know if he wounded the suspected. investigators say he pulled over a tan 1996 honda. the car was later found nearby and turned out to be a stolen vehicle. >> it's a bizarre crime. two men pointing a gun. those men have been arrested now. both of oakland. they were taken into custody last night. cell phone video seen right here shows that when the incident started around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, the two men were driving erratically on high street in oakland. a couple in another car started recording them to report to police. the men noticed this and then tried to get the phone, but were unsucce
: and a the school district as well as the fire department and city of san jose plan to recognizing her for saving this child. we are live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> well deserved. thank you, george. it was a horrific head on collision and tonight, three people from san jose are dead, that crash happened today on highway 1-52, vetters say a truck overturned and a driver of a volvo swerved to miss the wreck and instead, collided head on with a honda carrying three people from san jose, they were all killed in the crash. the driver of the volvo suffered injuries. >> a case of road rage on a cell phone camera, two men pointing a gun at a man. those two men have been arrested thanks to an alert officer. they were driving irradically on another street and a couple started to record them, and the men noticed they were being recorded and shot several times in the victim's car hitting the car but not injuring anyone inside. the couple quicked called 911. >> when oakland police officers were able to view the video footage that the victims had on their cell phone, one of the officers immediately rec
.com/weather. >>> a fire ripped through a south bay camper today. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san jose with the good man is who saved the women inside. >> reporter: frightening moments for the two women inside this camper when it caught on fire. but thanks to that good samaritan, they made tout alive. here's some video taken by a cbs 5 viewer who saw this happen. this camper is parked on santiago avenue near tully road. now here's some video of the good samaritan. he is an employee with the evergreen school district who didn't want to be interviewed. he was driving through the area making rounds because there is a school across the street and he saw flames and heard screaming. that man got out of his car, broke the windows to the camper and forced open the door. he also tried to extinguish the flames himself using a garden hose. two women inside got out safely although one did suffer burns to her hands. the other smoke inhalation. they had been lighting candles to stay warm when they fell asleep. >> it's just one of those things during the holidays and around cold time that we burn can
and rain headed to the bay area. danny velazquez of san jose got roped into changing the windshield wipers on his friend's jeep. >> there is a huge difference when you have the new ones versus the old ones from last year. it doesn't clear as much and it's not as nice, and they kind of squeak. >> reporter: changing the wipers, using rain repellent or de-icing fluid can help, but the main thing you can do costs no money. >> the number one tip slow down. number two, wear your seat belt. >> reporter: the officer says if you crash, drive off the freeway if you can. if you can't, stay in the car with your seat belt on. >> stormy weather, there is going to be people losing control all over the place. >> reporter: pg&e tried to get ahead of the storm, dispatching 400 crews like this one to trim trees and identify possible trouble spots. >> some of the time because of the strong wind, even the healthy trees, they can fall into the power lines. >> reporter: if the healthy trees can be trouble, jerry fears some of the trees near his home can be deadly. he is hoping the owner of the property will pre
of cancelled flights has doubled. airports at oakland and san jose are smaller and of course have clearer skies. they have either stayed nearly the same or in some cases are doing even better than 10 years ago on delays and cancellations. so it's not going to help sfo for this storm. but officials say this next gen, next generation as they call it, technology, will only work if all the planes in the sky at a given time have the technology. so otherwise, they go back into that familiar holding pattern. >> all right, joe vazquez at sfo, thank you. >>> heavy fog may have been a factor in a crash that killed a peninsula high school student. 14-year-old laila was hit by an suv as she rode her bike to woodside high school yesterday. she and the driver were both making a right turn at a redwood city intersection. but police say at this point it does not appear that either of them did anything wrong. they are looking into as i say whether the thick fog and poor visibility may have played a role. >>> so was einstein right? can you be in two places at once? a bay area politician under fire for some quest
lighter returns not yet seeing much except the wind in the south bay, san jose wind gusts up to third -- 35 miles an hour. today coast, bay, inland heavy rain, gusty winds throughout the morning. late morning hours into noontime, the winds diminish, rain tapers, just scattered showers mild in the 60s, by the evening hours, better evening commute, just a few showers, getting into heavier rain around 2:00 tomorrow night into your friday morning commute. >>> roads are moderate, wind is what we need to be careful of now the slick roads with the rain beginning to develop. san jose, 87 northbound past the hp pavillion, julian exit, traffic light, flowing nicely, no problems. westbound 4 harbor earlier big rig fire cleared. tow trucks trying get that out of there. slow traffic out of antioch westbound, 25 minutes from hillcrest towards concord and 242. a look at your waze app, peninsula is bay shore freeway raining there as you can see by our reporter here, traffic fairly moderate northbound into san francisco, reports of a car stopped on the shoulder 101 at brisbane this isç,d+ great app t
punishment. >>> a ktvu exclusive, we sit down with san jose's retiring police chief. the one thing he says that would have kept him on the job. >>> the pay treu i -- patrioarch of a family died in jail. today charges against him were officially dropped. >>> about 200 people took part in a candlelight vigil and march in san francisco tonight. they're remembering mayor mascone and harvey milk in the anniversary of their assassination. amber lee joins us with the story. >> reporter: the march ended here in the castro but it began at city hall where the assassinations took place on this day 34 years ago. on the steps of city hall, people gathered to remember the two slain leaders. mayor george mascone and harvey milk the city's first openly gay supersraoeup super -- supervisor. family members say the two men were trail blazers for civil rights. and the dispair on november 27, 1978 within they were gunned down by former supervisor dan white has now turned into hope. >> we will not stop until we have equality across the globe and that is what tonight means. >> reporter: with candles in hand, h
who told us off camera it was parked here at this apartment complex at east san jose last night and this morning it was gone. schools in the area near the shooting remained open. >> i'm very unnerved dropping my child off at school this morning and getting a phone call from the principal that it was safe to get your kids off and going home to watch the news that they hasn't caught anybody. >> reporter: police released the description of the man, a latino man 20 to 25 years old, 5'6" to 5'9" tall. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the los angeles times is reporting that amazon plans to build a massive new distribution center in the city of tracy and it could bring up to 1,000 new jobs to that community. it would be amazon's third distribution center in california. the new building would be close to three major freeways and only about 30 miles from another amazon distribution center being built in patterson. >>> someone, some where in this country could be a lot richer tomorrow night. the power ballot reu -- power ballot reu jackpot is now up to $500 million. california is one o
un residente de san jose... quien junto a dos de sus acompaÑates murio. blanca ---el adolescente de san jose acusado de participar en varios robos y un asesinato hace casi 2 semanas... take vo ....sera juzgado como adulto, segun informo esta tarde la fiscalia del condado de santa clara. ---maÑana, el menor sera instruido de cargos en un juzgado de san jose... take video box ....en donde se le acusar formalmente de asesinato bajo circunstancia s especiales, tentativa de asesinato de un agente de policia, 4 cargos de robo en segundo grado, agresion con una arma mortifera hacia un policia, y recibir un vehiculo robado. ---su presunto complice, ya fue acusado pero todavia no se ha declarado a los cargos que se le imputan. cesar ---en oakland, dos hombres han sido detenidos acusados de disparar contra una pareja...... take vo ---segun la policia, ayer por la tarde, el conductor sospechoso manejaba el auto de forma erratica, y una pareja comenzo a grabarlos con telefono... ---cuando los sujetos se dieron cuenta, intentaron quitarles el video por la fuerza amenazandolo s con una pistola..
their flights ahead of time. >>> more problems are surfacing for san jose's church and school. the san jose mercury news says a new lawsuit has been filed against the parish adding a second alleged victim of a former priest. the former priest was already the target of another lawsuit filed last year accusing hill of abusing a former student. >>> 7:14. we have breaking news to tell you about. we just got an e-mail from the white house announcing that tomorrow president obama will host a private lunch at the white house with mitt romney. there's no word yet on what the two formal rivals will be talking about. but the white house e-mail says it's the first chance they've had to meet since the election. >>> the election may be over but president obama is campaigning again. as ktvu's alison burns reports, the president wants public support for his plan for the fiscal cliff crisis. >> reporter: dave, the president is meeting with ceos, including those who backed mitt romney and then he will meet with middle-class families. he's trying to sell the plans for the fiscal cliff, those that kick in at
to come ashore and slam the bay area. san jose city crew cleared storm drains to prevent rain water prosecute backing up into the street. several bay area cities are making sand bag available to people for free training to prevent flooding in their neighborhood. storm strong winds prompted this christmas tree lot in san francisco to tie down the tree so they don't get blown away. coast guard warning about potentially dangerous waves at local beaches and says boaters should avoid sailing during the storm even though tempting because the winds are up and make sure the boat is properly tied up or anchored as the storm approaches. good evenin evening. could be pretty rough. receipts get the very latest on it now from sandhya who is tracking the storm on live doppler 7 hd. >> it is going to be a rough morning for wind and rain. heaviest will arrive for the morning commute. show you the timing in a moment. live doppler showing you just clouds that are moving in. we have our own raid a arrest on mt. st. helens that. tracking the first storm. show you computer animation. 2 to 3:0
philanthropic about this. san francisco, santa clara, san jose, we want that effort to insight people to take this opportunity to join our nfl, join our 49ers, to join all of our sports crazy efforts and education efforts and all the things that we really reflect success in the san francisco bay area to join us in promoting this event and making sure that when we are ready to submit our bid to the nfl in may of next year that we will have created a community-based bay area wide effort to reflect on this wonderful opportunity. right now it is only an invitation but we will show this allows us to create the most collaborative efforts with segments of business education, bay area, the different mayors coming together, bringing us all together on this incredible opportunity. i have always thought that sports is an inspiration. i'm a big fan of 9ers, i know they will have an opportunity to win tonight. but it inspires us to think through what we can do together in collaboration. winning is certainly a great thing to have. but i think we win on many more fronts when we bring people together and foc
but the school district understandably proud of their dedicated bus driver. san jose firefighters also deserve a really big hand tonight. they got that heavy motorized wheelchair off of the bus, they man wrathed to save it from the same fate that the bus suffered. so that is being cleaned up. and will be returned to the family. a scary situation but a happy ending tonight in san jose, abc 7 news. >> happy ending and very, very brave. thank you very much. >> milpitas police looking for a gunman from a traffic stop shootout today. just before 2:00 in the morning, officers pulled over a driver on jack lynn road. the officer was not hit. >> driver of the suspect vehicle exited and immediately opened fire on our office sers. -- officers. our officer able to return fire, it's unknown if the suspect was struck. the suspect fled.> and our officer suffered minor injury that's did not require medical attention. >> police say the driver abandoned his vehicle nearby. the officer is a six year veteran of the police force. he is on routine leave while shooting investigation continues. and in san jose tonigh
at 280 in san jose, traffic is looking good in both directions, here is steve. >>> well, we have a little bit of a lull before the system comes in and if you leave now you might beat the bulk of it. everything is offshore poised to move in and today it is widespread, it will rain all the way from ukiah and santa cruz and it looks like a fast mover. we will focus our attention on the north bay and again the santa cruz mountains, saturday it takes more aim at that. it is possible we could see 10 to 8 more inches. cape mendocino north, there will still be a lot of systems and now it is becoming one and it will move on shore and as long as it keeps marching, it will take aim at the marin coast. also the rushing river area, things are beginning to start nothing too heavy but it will pick up around 7:00, 8:00 or 9:00. also in mendocino, and lake county and down to santa cruz and monterey it will be a rainy morning. it is not too heavy yet but it is on its way. when you see darker green rain begins to pick up and that will not come in for another couple of hours but it is a sign of things to c
are not seen too much rain in the san jose area. regardless i was a brown the bay area to see how it is due in your neighborhood. speaking of light ride for portions of interstate 80. under the green indicates that light rain. i did see rain in downtown san francisco. we are seeing some now where 101 leads to interstate 80. i expect the heaviest downpour towill occur between 8 and 11:00 a.m.. after we are done with this system we will me to another one into thursday night. it is currently raining over the nimitz freeway. approaching the san mateo bridge the dumbarton bridge take a look at the yellow for portions of interstate 680. we are picking up some light rain in the milpitas area. we are still currently drive for the southern peninsula. satellite and radar shows a wider view the moisture is streaming its way into the bay area. this system has gained a lot of strength. we do have a wind advisory in effect from 4:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. today. with that we could see wind gust top out at 70 mi. per hour along with coastal regions. 50 mi. per hour gusts everywhere else. a lot of instabili
.com. >> rescuing a special needs girl from a bus that caught fire, abc 7 news is live from san jose tonight with the story. incredible. >> wait until you look at the video. we got a look at the school bus. take a look at this video. you'll see what i mean. and why the bus driver is being hailed as a hero. we have a picture of the bus, shortly after it caught fire this morning. you can see flames. the bus driver noticed smoke coming from the engine right off after he'd crop dropped off three students. there was still a special needs student on the bus in, a wheelchair, needing to go to another location when wilma jumped into action, activated the lift to get the students off the bus but because of the emergency, the power shout down, leaving the student stranded on the lift and in her wheelchair. a dip ti superintendent picks up the story from there. >> our bus driver picked the child up skrks carried her to the bench away from ty@m and so all in all a happy ending today. to what is a scary situation. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> was, indeed, thank you. >> santa clara county prosecutor as ann
armed robberies and a shootout that injured a san jose police officer on november 16th. >>> a south bay woman being called a hero and for good reason. what she did to rescue a special needs child from a flaming bus. >> and three bay area cities have become a gang battleground. how city leaders are fighting back tonight to save their streets. >> and vampire face-lifts are a new trend in cos met sick surgery. why you may want to over look the gruesome name as an alternative to botox. and then on "nightline." >> coming up next on "nightline" powerball machines are cranking across america tonight as countless dreamers bet on a half billion dollar jackpot. we will separate the mass from the emotion. and the young star of a hit tv sitcom stages a moral rebellion. that's on "nightline." >> abc7 news at 11:00 co >>> there is a growing gang problem on the peninsula where a coalition of police chiefs is banding together. the top cops from menlo park and palo alto spoke before the menlo park city council about their latest strategy. abc7 news reporter alan wang was at that meeting tonight. >> in j
international and san jose. they're reporting no or very minor delays, if anything. back to you. >>> i think some of the totals checked in about -- >> sorry, steve. your mic isn't working. >>> continuing our storm watch coverage, the situation in marin county got some heavy rainfall this morning. we're live in san rafael. the rain let up. looks like a little sun. still windy? >> reporter: yeah. the winds have been a factor. we've been on the north side. richmond san rafael bridge since 4:00 a.m. we started out with dry conditions. then heavy rains and strong gusty winds. and now we have a little bit of some sunshine. the clouds beginning to break up a little bit. we took a short drive and did find heavy rain in the 10:00 hour approaching ross and the san anselmo area. crews were out cleaning storm drains to help minimize flooding problems in that area. heavy rain in san anselmo. the creek only went up about a foot and a half. it's about 3.5 feet right now. it's gone up a little bit but holding steady over the past hour. we've been watching the conditions. the winds have been a big issue. ear
in san jose will be tried as an adult. the boy adonis muldrow will be in a courtroom this afternoon. the 15-year-old facing 8 felony counts including murder and attempted murder of a peace officer. police say he and 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks robbed a string of san jose businesses on november 16th killing this man, rory parkpettiford. an officer was also injured. >>> two men are behind bars after a violent road rage incident that was all caught on video. oakland police say the ordeal began monday when a couple noticed a car driving erratically and started shooting video with their cell phone. police say the men in that car realized they were being recorded and pulled out guns pointing them at the couple while at a stop light. a while later the men caught up with the couple again and one of them made his way inside the couple's car demanding the video. >> there husband was able to push the suspect out of the car and tells his wife hit the gas get out of here. >> police say that man fired at the couple's car. no one was hit. and with that video, officers were able to identify the s
to talk to him very soon about their diversity needs. >>> the 15-year-old suspect a deadly san jose crime spree will stand trial as an adult. he faces eight felony counts including murder and attempted murder of a peace officer. police say he and 26-year-old jonathan will banks robbed a string of san jose businesses on november 16th. before killing 22-year-old rory for his car. the crime spree ended in a police shoot out and left an officer hurt. >>> a school bus driver saved a disabled students life after the bus burst into flames. a passer by snapped this photo of the bus as it caught fire this morning near silendale middle school. there was only one child on board but she was strapped in an electric chair. the flames had cut off the power. so he unbuckled the student scooped her up and carried her to safety. >> she did everything perfect. above and beyond. and when i asked her what were you thinking? she says i wasn't. i was just thinking about this precious child that just had to get off the bus. >> she did it acosta didn't want to talk on camera. no one was hurt the firefighters were
trial as an adult. plus say that he and a 26-year-old rob aid string of san jose businesses before killing a 22-year-old for his car. the crime spree left the officer hurt. >>> the state is broke. uc students and their campuses are struggling, so this came as a bit of surprise today. they will pay the new chancellor, $486,000 a year, which is 50,000 more than the current chancellor makes. extra money will come from private donations. that has a lot of people upset tonight. >>reporter: it certainly does, dana. he is the 10th chancellor. his name is nicholas dirk and making 50,000 more than his predecessor. it's feeling fire tonight at protestors. >>reporter: 5:30 tonight, police show us to a hall where students have chained themselves inside. their administration demonstration is -- demonstration is protesting lowy to barge in. they will seriously injure or kill these students. >>reporter: this man says the 50,000 pay increase isn't sitting well with many students the on campus. >> now you see there's no money. you have to raise your fees again by 24% over the next four years but we
pescadero, santa cruz picking up rain. wind gusts up to 32 miles an hour, san jose still airport delays and wind advisory extended into 2:00 this afternoon for wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour. >>> the coast and in particular pacifica, has been pounded by ferocious winds and rain most of the morning. more than 1,000 are in the dark there. katie marzullo is live on palmetto avenue in pacifica what is happening? >> reporter: this is palmetto at carmel, behind me, you can see pg&e crews on scene more than 1100 customers lost power afternoon 9 a.m.. a piece of equipment at the top of that pole blew and was dangling dangerously now crews have to work in the stormy weather to fix it that probably caused it. it is not business as usual in pacifica in morning. >> big flash of light, then there was no power. >> reporter: he was working in his gas shop when around 9:15 an insulator blew on a power pole, leaving more than 1100 without power and the intersection blocked off. >> i knew i was in trouble. >> reporter: richard phone himself in a dangerous electrical situation he and his neighbors woke
, san jose still airport delays and wind advisory extended into 2:00 this afternoon for wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour. >>> the coast and in particular pacifica, has been pounded by ferocious winds and rain most of the morning. more than 1,000 are in the dark there. katie marzullo is live on palmetto avenue in pacifica what is happening? >> reporter: this is palmetto at carmel, behind me, you can see pg&e crews on scene more than 1100 customers lost power afternoon 9 a.m.. a piece of equipment at the top of that pole blew and was dangling dangerously now crews have to work in the stormy weather to fix it that probably caused it it is not business as usual in pacifica in morning. >> big flash of light, then there was no power. >> reporter: he was working in his gas shop when around 9:15 an insulator blew on a power pole, leaving more than 1100 without power and the intersection blocked off. >> i knew i was in trouble. >> reporter: richard phone himself in a dangerous electrical situation he and his neighbors woke around 5, to a power surge. >> i went back to the master bedroom where
now, the name george shirakawa has meant nothing but respect here in east san jose. the george shirakawa community center was named after george shirakawa senior a well loved city council member who died while in office in the 1990s. now some say george junior, a supervisor who is under investigation, should step down to save the family name. >> george has been a tremendous advocate for the east side. >> reporter: political consultant was once a supervisor to george shirakawa. his advice now to the politician, step down. >> this is a repeated violation of the public trust. and once that occurs, there's no putting the jeannie back in the bottle and so it's up to george to do the right thing for his constituents and the county to resign. >> reporter: the district attorney is investigating shirakawa for violations of campaign ethics laws and misuse of funds stemming from adding abuse of a county issued -- from alleged abuse of a county issued credit card includes hotels, car rentals. in his first public statements on the allegations last tuesday, shirakawa blamed the media. >> i d
jesus ruiz, un joven latino de san jose quien se encuentra detenido por inmigracion... take vo ....informo que jesus ya acudio a una cita para que se le tomen sus huellas dactilares ya que solicitar permanecer en el pais de forma legal al solicitar la "accion diferida". ---apenas la semana pasada, familiares y amigos de jesus se manifestaron frente al servicio de inmigracion en san francisco ya que aseguran que su deportacion a mexico le causara mucho daÑo porque es un pais que no conoce. cesar ---una serie de tormentas se aproxima al area de la bahia y desde el norte de california hasta las montaÑas de santa cruz.. blanca ---las autoridades ya se preparan para inundaciones, arboles cados y apagones. take 3 box ---en nuestra cobertura en equipo, ariel rodriguez nos tendra el pronostico. stop open roll open take 2 box ---pero comenzamos con mayra tostado quien en vivo nos habla sobre los preparativos locales... mayra. cu ---asi es, muchas personas ya estan tomando las medidas necesarias para evitar que sus negocios o sus casas sean inundadas por el agua.. 01 ;08 ;25 take pkg j
. it included four armed robberies and a shootout that injured a san jose police officer on november 16th. >>> a south bay woman being called a hero and for good reason. what she did to rescue a special needs child from a flaming bus. >> and three bay area cities have become a gang battleground. how city leaders are fighting back tonight to save their streets. >> and vampire face-lifts are a new trend in cos met sick surgery. why you may want to over look the gruesome name as an alternative to botox. and then on "nightline." >> coming up next on "nightline" powerball machines are cranking across america tonight as countless dreamers bet on a half billion dollar jackpot. we will separate the mass from the emotion. and the young star of a hit tv sitcom stages a moral rebellion. that's on "nightline." >> abc7 news at 11:00ú! [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin [ f
. . >>> welcome back, according to the san jose mercury news, they added a second alleged victim of a former priest. that former priest was already the target of another lawsuit last year according him of abusing a former student. this follows the more recent incident when a convicted sex offender was all loud to -- allowed to work as a festival volunteer at the church. >>> people lost whatever little possessions they had, city workers cleaned out a large homeless camp. they cleaned up a creek along coyote road and broke down make- shift shelters and threw away any possessions they deemed not valuable. it is part of an effort to deal with a homeless problem and that camp was home to about 80 people. >>> new this morning, three arrests have been made in connection with the deadly fire in bangladesh. 12 people died after the factory caught fire on saturday. three managers were arrested on suspicion of trapping workers inside the building and insisting it was just a drill. they are demanding justice for the workers. >>> also they were making clothing for wal-mart and sears. they discovered clot
[indiscernible] he graduated from an academic high school; he has a degree from san jose state, currently working as a computer analyst. i still would like for him to be an owner of a cab. i put a book which i used 35 years ago. is transnational legal problems, the exclusion act, [indiscernible] whereby a chinese citizen who went to china and came back was denied entry. and was excluded. similar to what is happening to my son. the court reversed the decision about immigration people. currently, [indiscernible] was allowed entry; he was also born in the united states. i find similarity in the case of my son. his name is joseph basetta [sounds like] last name. i will bring a copy of the decision by the court, united states against [indiscernible]. i will provide the commentaries and decisions. >> secretary boomer: last person, bill [indiscernible] >> last but not lest. first of all i'd like to say, -- she came to the last taxi panel, a great thing for us to have somebody come. f you should all come. to find out more about the cab industry. i would like to know why the cab companies got 250 t
at san jose. traffic looks ok and it does not look like they're getting any downpour's yet. my eyes are not great but you should be ready because in the next hour to everyone is going to get wet. we'll be right back. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. 30 minutes into the trading day in the dow do
pictures around the bay area in the san francisco, oakland, san jose. clear, dry tonight. but that is not going to be the case tomorrow. . i am in the the weather center with jacqueline bennett, jacqueline? >> it is going to be start right in time for the morning commute. we will see it for the next several days on the/opt. satellite & radar the rainfall is already starting to start to push through however, we can see the first rain of pushing through eureka. it will reinforce that with heavy rainfall for the morning commute. the futurecast moderate and heavy and along the san mateo coast. that moderate becomes widespread by 8:00 a.m. for the morning commute. also when the conditions gusting at 70 m.p.h.! competitive thunderstorms and even lightning strikes. we will time it out on futurecast with the wind advisories and the thunderstorms coming up in just a bit >> continuing our team coveage.. we plan in the east bay with terisa estacio. piedmont police are warning drivers about areas >> these preparations are very serious after what happened last here, take a look.
if anybody was hit by gunfire. >>> the teen accused in a deadly crime spree in san jose will be in court this afternoon. the boy, adonis mull droe, will be tried as an adult. the 15-year-old faces 8 felony counts including murder and attempted murder of a police officer. police say he and 2 6-year-old jonathan wilbanks robbed some san jose businesses on november 16 killly rory parkpettiford. an officer was also injured. >>> two men are in custody. oakland police say it began monday when a husband shot cell phone video of another car being driven erratically. you see it here. police say the men in the car realized they were being record, brandished guns at the couple while at a stop light here. and later the men caught up with them and one of them got inside the couple's car demanding that video. >> the husband was able to push the suecthe car and tells his wife hit the gas, get out of here. >> police say that man fired at the couple's car although nobody was injured. officers arrested the suspects a short time later with help from the video. >>> comedian cat williams could find himself u
if anyone was hit by the gunfire. >>> the teen accused in a deadly crime spree in san jose will be tried as an adult. adonis muldrow will be in court this afternoon. the 15-year-old faces eight felony counts including murder and attempted murder of a police officer. officials say he and 26-year- old jonathan wilbanks robbed several san jose businesses on november 16 and killed rory parkpettiford during an attempted carjacking. an officers are also injured in a shootout with the suspect. >>> 6:07. two men are behind bars after a violent road rage incident and it's caught on video from a couple. oakland police say the ordeal began on monday when a couple noticed a car as you see here driving erratically. they started shooting video with their own cell phone. police say the men in the car realized they were being recorded and pulled out guns pointing at the couple at a stop light. then they caught up with the couple and one of the men jumped into the couple's car demanding that video. >> the husband is able to push the suspect out of the car and tells his wife, hit the gas, get out of here.
are expected pretty much everywhere in the bay area except for an san jose. wanted to end his of rain and the north bay about enhance everywhere else may be a little more than that. wind advisory issued with gusts up to 70 mi. an hour. thunderstorms will be invested in that mayn't band. lightning strikes are likely. these are pretty warm systems that are coming through so we will see snow above the 6,500 ft.. the first round of rainbows and tomorrow morning with the st wins and thunderstorms embedded in that main band of rain. that is mainly north bay rain in the north bay. flyer rangers saturday heavy rain for sunday. hon and often ran all through the extended forecast. >> i have called a bunch of listings before and the because i was the second person to call they did not take me. they chose the first person i called. that happens all lot and you have to know when the listing is up. each of these listed as befits the request and the first five minutes. >> this is one of the thousands of people have been for a rental and striking out. it is a nightmare out there. you have to be the f
then sacramento then the davis or san jose. the first thing you will notice late tonight will be those winds. late tonight the winds are already going to 30 miles per hour. watch what happens in the morning, 7:00 a.m. i've got 44-mile an hour winds down in half-moon bay. that's big. those are big winds. the model comes up with less wind as we get past the 11:00 hour. that's because we're going to have frontal pass. the winds die down after that. they'll be blowing but not as strong. we could easily see tomorrow along the coast gusts close to 60 miles per hour. easily. this first system is all about the morning commute. it's all about the wind and it's all about heavy rain especially in the north bay. and in the hills of the coast. so this is how it goes. by lunchtime it's kind of winding down. in the morning. tune in tomorrow morning they're here at 4:30. steve paulson is here and mark tamayo is going to come in and help steve out because they're going to be tracking this thing in the morning hours. system number two rolls in here as we head into thursday. a second system will focus on the north b
is in san jose tw simple steps you can take to make sure your commute is safe for tomorrow morning. chris? >> hi there, jessica. the storms
of the san jose "mercury news." i know you cannot accept gifts. >> i would want to report that. >> we're hoping that sutter can accept a gift, the first dog. governor? [applause] and governor hickenlooper, your dear friend and our dear friend, dan gordon could not be here but we wanted to make sure you enjoyed his borough -- brew. >> as i have many times before, let me assure you. [applause] >> our
. it was parked here at this apartment come flex east san jose last night and this morning it was gone. >> i'm very unnerved dropping my child at the school and then watch the news that they hadn't caught anybody. >> the suspect is a latino man wearing a black and white flannel shirt with horizontal stripes. they're not sure if he was injured in the shooting. >>> a preliminary hearing is under ware if a man suspected of gunning down a police officer. henry smith is acause of shooting and killing james kapool lastier. the today a police officer look l testified that smith looked directory at him. he also testified he heard three shot before finding the body. if trained convicted smith could paying the death penalty. >>> friends and family gathering at the university. the concert was held late this afternoon. where on april 17 2-ened sen people shot and killed. today's concert was a part of the dedication ceremony of the new memory garden. people in san francisco are remembering the lay mayor and supervisor have a vigil and march today. the group then walked to the ksa transaction, district an
by bypassed san jose, and water officials are hoping to catch up in the stormy days ahead. stay with us as we continue to track the approaching storm. you can also stay updated on our website, kron4.com, along with our facebook and twitter pages. and more coverage later in this newscast and on the morning news at 4:00 am. >>> there was another shooting in east palo alto this afternoon. it happened near a school. in fact, so far there have been more than a dozen gang-related shootings in east palo alto and menloe park since june. reggie kumar tells us the police cheefrs in those cities have had -- chiefs in those cities have had enough of the violence. >> reporter: this is video of law enforcement moving in to arrest a well-known taliban gang member three years ago. arrests like this could soon start again now that east palo alto, menloe park, and palo alto police forces have joined forces, known as separation s. m. a. r. t. the goal is to stop the escalating gang violence between taliban gang members and deville gang members, both of which live here. authorities sap the gangs have been -- say
for the opportunity. my name is roland [speaker not understood], i'm from san jose. i am one of the strongest supporters of the caltrain modernization program. i [speaker not understood] it extensive the last year. i am really pleased by the report from the executive director with the recent developments because frankly there have been questions about how this project has been moving in the last year. i'll give you some examples. highlights for the last year ask a 1-1/2 million dollars bond, get the accurate gps coordinates of the equipment, and $6 million in program management. now, there are many amounts of technical questions that have to be answered urgently because it directly impacts the capacity of the line down the peninsula affecting all the cities because currently the plan is to put passing track. we frankly are not required if you have a modern signalling system. in closing, what you have in front of you is an application for signaling system. it's got nothing to do with electrification which is in prop k. [speaker not understood]. in other words, you have a choice in front of you
francisco to san jose. sacramento northwards up the coastline of california. you'll be the target in the next 48 hours for the heaviest rain, possibility of up to six inches that could cause flooding concerns. the forecast today, eventually some of the clouds and rain will work towards los angeles. that will be later today. more showery weather north of portland towards seattle. as we go to thursday, not much of a change. temperatures will remain pretty seasonal in the 50s and 60's. that's what's prevent ag big snowstorm. we will see the wet weather continuing for the days ahead. i want to thank you so much for the hot cocoa i never got. >>> well, maybe angus t. jones doesn't want you to stop watching "two and a half men" after all. the 19-year-old actor released an apology after claiming the show was filth and that viewers should stop watching it. in his statement jones says he has the highest respect for all the people he works with and is thankful for the opportunities they have given him. >>> well, former co-star charlie sheen decided to weigh in saying it's clear to him that
heard three shots before finding the officer's body and the hearing continues today. >>> only on 2. san jose's police chief is giving his decision of why he is stepping down after only two years on the job. chris moore is saying what would have made him stay. he said he would not be leaving after putting a sales tax initiative to help pay for more officers. >> for me, it is putting it on the ballot and if that tax measure was put on the ballot, and they decided not to fund it, that is a choice the taxpayers made but they never got the opportunity to vote on it. >> moore called it dire because of resignations. he also said nobody is interested intaking his job and they are holding four community meetings to get information on the police chief. they will feature a dazzling light show and we have an exclusive look. 125,000 lights will adorn the western span of the bay bridge and showing every changing patterns. it is designed by a new york artist and the privately donated $8 million installation will stay up for two years. >>> the rain and traffic, what is the latest. >> the roadways are f
- year-old man and shot and wounded a san jose police officer. moldro was arraigned on charges including murder with special circumstances and attempted murder of a peace officer. his alleged accomplice, 26-year- old jonathan wilbanks has already been arraigned but did not enter a plea. >>> happening now in oakland, a dedication concert is getting under way for the victims of april's deadly shooting rampage at oikos university. they're dedicating a memorial garden to remember the victims. you see the vigil happening here. seven people were killed, three others were injured. former nursing student goh is being held without bail but his criminal proceedings are on hold due to questions about his mental competency to stand trial. >>> our storm watch coverage continues with reporter david beanick live along highway 70 in plumas county to show us why residents are concerned. >> reporter: good afternoon, we're expecting upwards of 15 to 20-inches here in the feather river canyon which may cause the feather river blind behind me to rise quickly. this time the threat may come from the hillside
. the tour will start inpivpescone coast. san jose will host stage six, marking the age year the raise visit that had city. the only one to participate in allvnu÷ eight tours. and lth stage of the tour of california runs from san francisco to santa rosa. there is more on abc 7 news.com. you'll find it under see it on tv. >> amazing. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 the gft makes a bold move to stop the shipment of unsafe foods. >> questions over the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. un ambassador susan rice goes on the offensive meeting with top republican who's blame her for inak rilt information. plus... >> in san francisco, the aclu filed a lawsuit challenging the ban on women serving in combat. the story is coming up. >> i'm michael finney. if you want an e reader for christmas, the choices can be overwhelming. i'll compare newest models and tell you which one could be on >>> republican senators who have criticized susan rice over her explanation of the attack in benghazi, libar not backing down. chris stevens was killed in that attack along with three other americans. top republican
head through the next three hours. sustained wind speed at 20 miles per hour. in san jose. you're at 26 in oakland. flight cancellation, and delays at three hours out of sfo. the front is moving in quickly, about 15 minutes away from heavy rain in san jose. as we head throughout the next couple of days, the rain continues. savannah. matt, over to you. >> all right. stephanie, thank you very much. >>> yahoo!'s new ceo, 37-year-old marissa mayer, is one of the country's most high-profile working moms. so how is she adjusting to her pressure-packed job and being a new mother? we got exclusive access to mayer's first interview about how she's juggling it all. nbc's diana alvear has more on that. diana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. two months after the birth of her son marissa mayer gave her first and last interview about life as ceo of yahoo! and new mother in chief to her newborn. it was in palo alto, california at a dinner. interviewed by "fortune" magazine in front of a crowd of invited guests, mostly women, marissa mayer focused on her two new roles. >> i knew that the job w
, police department, san jose police, santa cruz county fire department, the fremont fire department and many other public safety agencies. here in san francisco the grant will fund planners at my agency, department of emergency management. it will fund radio communications equipment for the police department and department of public health. apparatus for the fire department. supplies and equipment and things many first-respond errs use in san francisco . this resolution creates no new positions in san francisco and there are no matching funds required by the city. the resolution is retroactive because the performance period for grant began the day we received the award letter, october 12th. we have a short time to spend the grant, 18 months. i'm happy to answer questions you may have. >> thank you very much. for this item we did not have a budget analyst report because san francisco is acting as a fiscal at. the money is accepted legally through us. we distribute it per the grant requirements and uasi, or regional body. why don't we go to -- before public comment we have a question.
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